Joseph Seigenthaler
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Wesley Willis  1963 - 2003
"Ancienne" 2004
  Just a lil test... no sound.
"Pessimism" 2004
  From that "election".
"Elvis" 2002
  An early animation, trying to learn the tools...
  using music by Chuck Berry.
"Busta LeGros" 2004
  A clip from a longer 5 minute animation...
  using music from Françoise Hardy .
"PeeGun" Version 2   2003
  A study of facial morphs...
  using a musical riff from peter gun.
"PeeGun" Version 1   2003
  Similar to the one above, but no camera           animation in this version.

Other Variations... from YouTube subscribers.
From MUD,
using "Potion" by the band Morphine.
Thanks MUD, I like it.
From robue
...titled "Dusk til Dawn Video"
Thanks robue, I like that one too.
Broadcast on Spanish TV in 2006, on a show called "No Solo Musica".

The video was produced by the Spanish production company Santaidea, who contacted me for written permission to have it aired.

Gracias amigos!
"psychotic"  2006
  ...and out of control.